17 March 2010

THE STORY'S IN THE RETAILING: Some Weird & Wonderful Store Signage & Packaging

WTF?! Do these retailers have no clue? :-P

This first one makes me remember the time on Upper Broadway, when my dear friend Martha said, "Nice box!" to this big, handsome man in an expensive suit passing us in the crosswalk, sporting a sizeable...suit box from Barneys.
Or my idea for a Hooter's counterpoint called, "The Big Basket," staffed by muscle-y men in tight clothes, where all the food is served...in baskets.

But I digress--to get back to unintentionally funny retail signage--the Target sign was actually an Easter promotion for a company oddly named 'A Brilliant Basket.'

This one (sorry for the bad pic taken at Sur La Table back in the day with the bad camera on my old bad Blackberry) is hilarious--almost like those sadly misguided--and clueless--"teabaggers."  The manufacturer's website has better images of their flavored mixes intended for 'rimming' glasses for mixed drinks.

And finally, this one from 99 Ranch, the California Asian supermarket chain, over a refrigerated case with pre-marinated meats. I know this starts to cross over into ethnic-restaurant-menu territory and that's really a whole other story... 

Any you'd like to share?


  1. I think the basket one is my favorite. ALTHO that rimming one....

    On the ethnic-restaurant-menu territory tip, my very favorite of all time was a food place in the mall I used to go to in San Rafael growing up. My mom and I used to die over it because they were a noodle house type of place, and each menu item was listed like this:

    1. Chicken Noodle Soup
    2. Chicken Noodle Soup or Without Soup


    Also there was a Chinese restaurant that used to be near the SFMoMa that had a sign in the window that read, "Why You Cook?"

    Good times.

  2. Also PS I think this should be a series/category that you can keep posting on as you collect more fun signs! I want more!


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