19 March 2010


The Fiancé had a workshop the other weekend, so The Omnivore got to make a Bachelor Breakfast: real, smoked pork bacon--two whole slices!--and two slices of red onion; two eggs added to the cast iron skillet when the bacon and onions are turned and almost done; and a handful of fresh spinach added and tossed with the onions just before turning off the flame.  And then served--to myself--by bringing the skillet to table.  I do love it.  And you know the sin of omission in the description above is that everything's cooked in the bacon renderings and nothing's drained, right?

What constitutes a Bachelor Meal?  It's a one-pot dish that's quick, easy, and cooked and ideally served--or eaten--from the pot.  And if it has the slight whiff of treyf, all the better.  My dear friend Dena's food blog has a bunch of great posts illuminating the genre.  An old favorite of mine used to be packaged mac 'n' cheese with hotdogs cooked in the same water; with frozen peas added just before draining, slicing the 'dogs, and finishing it off, and--maybe--dishing it all out into a bowl.  Even with Annie's mac-in-cheese, turkey dogs, and soy milk; the treyf's still the processed, packaged food and white pasta.  But the real deterent is that it's unbelievably hard not to treat the whole shebang as a single serving.

But I swear, my weekday breakfast is much healthier:

And some of the more usual weekend breakfasts of turkey hash, breakfast quesadillas, and homemade turkey sausage chez nous:

I'll have to post about my recent re-obsession with omelet-making...

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE this post!!!!

    and i totes love your bachelor breakfast. YUM. i may have to make it myself!

    i also secretly love bachelor meals of any sort. your mac-n-cheese meal is a timeless classic. and who are we kidding -- those little boxes of macaroni really are only one serving!


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