09 February 2010


So how ironic is it that my first one-man photography show was just unveiled, and I forgot to take any pics at the opening reception?! I had every intention, but then peeps started arriving, it got crowded, and...I forgot.

But it was great! I got great support from friends and colleagues, David invited friends and patients, other artists and art lovers and hipsters from the First Friday ArtWalk came by, live jazz was played and classic r&b was spun, wine was downed and cupcakes nibbled, and one piece was purchased and three pieces are tagged for consideration.

There are ten pieces in "Chasing the Sun," including new work from New York, and the show is up at Awaken Cafe in downtown Oakland through March 3rd. Please stop by and take a look at the show; Awaken is a great cafe with great people, food, and drink. For more background on the show and my inspirations, or if you aren't in the Bay Area, take a look at the show website and my photography website. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested in any pieces.

P.S. You may have noticed that this blog was on a not-so-brief "hiatus," as they say in TVland: post-Prop 8 doldrums, and then work and life, got in the way; but there have been lots great things happening in my work, life, and art--like this show of my photographs--so I'm determined that I'll be blogging regularly again. You may notice that I may try to do it more often and more briefly just to get info, events, and images (and food!) out there. Let me know what you think (or if I'm forgetting something I promised to post...)!


  1. Happy happy joy joy! It's All In His Head is back!

  2. How did i not notice the chinese characters on that window? I blame the dark night...thanks for an impromptu spontaneous evening of great art, food and company. :-) Donna


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