02 May 2009

Quick Thought Post: On Weekends and Private Time

So, in an effort to "start as I mean to go on*" in my blogging as far as sharing my feelings and not just relating events and opinions,  something my good friend Martha said reminded me about a dilemma that we face that I'm sure many other people share: when you work hard and long hours and have other commitments during the week, how do you balance the need for privacy, rest, and recuperation at the end of the week with the pull of traditional weekend 'socializing' and the fact that it may be the best or only time to see or do things with friends or have people over?

We tend to keep the weekend as private time with some regular things we like to do, and by planning way ahead try not to over-schedule.  So I did wonder how a weekend away with another couple would feel, especially because we always go away alone.  But it was really nice: we had plenty of private time and space, and the hiking, eating, and hanging out by the fire was more enjoyable together; definitely because Donna and Dan are such fun, easy-going friends and have their camping down pat, and also because of the rustic setting and relaxed timing of the whole trip.

Also, thanks for all the emails and support I've been getting on starting my blog and my first posts--it really means a great deal and gives me ideas and juice to move forward.  But please go ahead and share your input as comments on my blog--I would really appreciate it and I like to think it helps keep the conversation going.  And don't forget to subscribe or follow or share if you are enjoying it...

*I love archaic phrases like this and "giving it the old college try," or "excuse the boardinghouse reach..." Do you have some faves???


  1. Some of my favorites come from Kate Kendell:

    "He's all hat and no cattle"

    "I don't have a dog in this hunt"

    I think it must be b/c she was raised in Utah.

    The all hat and no cattle one is my FAVE.

  2. i think it IS utah! variation on #2 that i know and like is: "i don't have a horse in this race..." here's one that came up recently talking to martha and which i do love to use ironically: "he's a little light in his loafers..." i mean, WTF, when i first heard it, i thought it meant something like "not playing with a full deck."

  3. Oh god I *love* "light in his loafers." It's genius. Totally WTF.


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